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002Dangers and Pitfalls of Bad Electronic Parts

Bad or Counterfeit parts is an irrefutable reality within the modern electronics industry. Today, there is no dearth of counterfeit and refurbished parts, remarked products or parts that lack original packing.

The reasons for the growing menace of bad electronic parts are however not hard to discern. Often buyers have purchased fake parts without knowing much about the supplier. In times of shortage, buyers scramble for parts and may end up buying components from a source they would not normally consider if the parts were not in short supply

Sometimes, buyers may make opportunistic purchases for components priced at below the market price. At times, these parts may be substandard or fake. In several instances, parts are from rejected lots but may carry genuine markings from the component manufacturers. While looking at the marking, these parts may appear genuine but may actually be bogus.

If the deal looks too good to be true Purchasing managers need to that it probably is too good to be true.

What does this mean to Buyers?

• Buyers need to be extra careful when buying parts in the open market.

• Buyers are asking for trouble if they buy parts from unknown sources, especially at times of shortage.

• Before buying, it will be prudent to undertake a little research about the supplier.

Effort should be made to buy from only those suppliers who are reliable, recognised and have adequate experience in supplying electronic components. Helps you to know about Genuine Parts is your friend of choice, supplying you best value information on genuine parts and components. All our information, news, updates and bulletin on equipment and products are of the latest market trends and supporting the recognised standards of quality conformity.

We offer information and relevant news from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to Quality Product List (QPL) manufacturers. We keep a check in changing market trends, economy and pricing of the products thoroughly. We keep on informing our clients about the common manufacturing defects in the electronic components thereby, helping our clients to become aware of the cheats in the market.

With information on Genuine Electronic Parts from the Electronic Components portal, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that comes with the experience and knowledge of dealing with our wide array of industry veterans. promises and delivers to all its customers:

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