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Electronic Component Supplier

We supply Electronic Components from every manufacturer, Need a part now call us on: +44 (0)1279 86 87 86 or use the above search box to connect with our powerful part search  

Located in Harlow in the UK, is one of the Industry’s Premier Electronic Component Supplier. Under the aegis of Oracle Components Group of Companies, we are a single source for all kinds of Components including long lead-time, hard to find, commercial, military, aerospace, NATO, ROHS and leaded electronic parts and components, we can also supply all aviation spares

Our varied range of clientele includes renowned names from the automobile industry, appliance and telecom equipment makers, computer production, government agencies and aerospace/defence contractor’s  

Universal Capabilities

Our operations extend to cover domestic and commercial, as well as overseas markets. We support many companies and government agencies in different parts of the world by procuring goods from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and a wide range of Quality Product List (QPL) manufacturers.

Sourcing equipment and products from genuine and authentic sources ensuring that all supplied goods conform to recognised standards of compliance. We ensure that you have a smooth faultless experience when dealing with

Customized Services

At, we offer all our clients individually customized services. No matter what your requirement or industry type, we have the right kind of electrical component to suit your specific needs.

Our range of specially tailored services includes sales, technical and customer support services. We take special care to deliver you the best product on time, every time. Thus, the entire gamut of our Customized Services is customer centred, user-friendly and easily accessible.

With a wide array of customer specific services, we strive to help your business flourish

Striving for Complete Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction by adherence to high standards of:

Quality-certified products

Superior customer service

Competitive pricing

On-time deliveries & shipments  

Diversified Product Range

We take pride in offering our clients one of the widest and most diversified product range in the electrical industry. Whether you require a standard electrical part or a peculiar electronic component, we have just the ideal product to suit your particular needs.

Our major product types include cords, switches, resistors, capacitors, oscillators, hybrid and integrated circuits, semiconductors, transducers, protection devices, diodes, detectors and sensors etc.

Best Quality Electronic Components offers all customers a 100% risk-free guarantee on all products and equipment. If the supplied goods are unfit for form or quality, you can contact us within one-month and seek a replacement. is your supplier of choice, supplying you Best Quality Electronic Parts at the Most Competitive Prices.

To find out more about our diversified services,

Our range of services is very broad; we supply many of the world’s biggest Organizations, you will benefit from our services get in touch today!!